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When Glenys was little she used to set up a table in her bedroom and pretend it was her office.

She had pens and notepads and even though she couldn’t write properly she would scribble endlessly across the paper pretending to write like a big person.

Her desk was always neat. It’s not neat anymore!

Sandy grew up in the Mallee region of Victoria and had to get used to flies and dust at a very young age. She despises flies and dust now.

When she moved to Melbourne to attend hairdressing college she became a city girl and never went back.

Rocket first touched a computer back in the early 80’s, a Commodore 64 (not an EJ model). He’s still in front of a screen, Mac preferably, keep the PC’s away :). He has had a few creative pursuits - Illustration, bonsais, custom bicycles but the digital world is still the main outlet.

Norm has been a nerd all his life... whilst there has been moments in his life where a small amount of "non nerdiness" has come out, he's professional life has revolved around technology of some sort and for almost 20 years now, in the web world.
Starting with Conni in an IT role, Norm now responsible for day to day operations and management.

Stacey was born and raised in Geelong so is the go-to for all the good music venues around town. When she is not rocking out to Punk Rock bands like Story of the Year, Yellow Card or Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! she can be found digging her...

Shalbi was born and raised in Geelong but has spread her wings and spent some much loved time as an au pair in Chicago. She would like to tick a lot more places off her bucket list which includes England, Italy and Denmark just to name a few.

Pete was born in Yorkshire, England but quickly made his way to Melbourne with his British folks when he was a wee lass. In his spare time he likes to build computers and collect boxes of things others might find useless, but one day we’ll all be raving about the newest Pete-PC. He is a computer game buff and like COD, racing games and flight simulators, we’ll have to set up a “flight-off” with our tech manager Norm!

Ray is the first generation to get connected to the Internet in China. 
He also loves music, movie, reading, cycling, cooking, painting. After 15 years working in IT field, he can finally claim he has become the best cook among the computer nerds.

She is one of the family, our '78 Kombi ute does all the heavy lifting. She goes home with Glenys our CEO during the holidays because Conni Kombi loves to help in the garden. She's quite rare and we quite enjoy her being a part of our team.